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sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Everything is a question of stage

On this year it is happening something very good in the actual stage of my life. I will be getting my driver's lisence about next week I guess.
The fact that I live far away from the city where I study and hang out wiht my friends, it will be very good for me having the lisence in the hands now.
When you depend on others, to go where you want and the time you want, is all a bad situation. We feel very attached to that person and unable to do what we really want to do. Doesn't exists that feeling of freedom, also with responsability, wich is so good.
Now I'll fell as if I was excluding a weight from my shoulders, being able to do my own things, gaining responsibility and maturity and having a lot of more advantages that I had not before.
Like I said in the beggining, thank God everything is a question of stage. I'm eighteen, I have many things to live yet and this is the most important. From now one we just have to enjoy every moment of our lives, our family, our friends and our work.

Composition do CCAA (MEC 2) - Free title.

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